Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lizardmen Rumours Part 6 - Some rules revealed! Update1

Thanks to various sources that seem to have got their hands on the book/seen it rather early:

To keep from "spoiling" new rules will keep this updated as more formation comes in rather than use twitter.

If a jungle swarm is in combat, all LM units in that combat get poisoned attacks. (to be confirmed)

150 point laser cannon
S4 T5 4W's 3 attacks 2+ Armour
Beam of Chotex is a bound spell 3 range 24 - roll a D6 1 D3 S3 hits, 2-3 D6S4 4-5 2D6 S5 roll a 6 2D6 S6 & -1WS & BS till next magic phase
For the Snakes, the ranged bit is range D6". every unit with D6" gets 2D6 st2 hits. Also work in combat. All swarms with 6" get a new base on a 4+

Stegadons now have combined profile. Can upgrade to have d3 wound impact hits.
Ancient steg gives units within 6 6+ ward with the engine. Also choose a Lore and it's 1 easier to cast. This stacks

Kroxigor: S5 baby! Plus predatory fighter
Cold Ones have 2 Attacks
Skink cohorts can be upgraded to have poison close combat attacks. 2 points per model.
Skink leadership has gone down to 5. No cost to swap weapons on skirmishers.
Saurus Cav w spears 34pts
Terradons 35pts +1 to upgrade to flaming bolas (s4 flaming QTF)
Rippers 40pts

magic items...
Blade of realities 100 points - no armour or wards
Stegadon helm 40 points - +1 save, +1 toughness, D3 impact hits
Jaguar standard - 50 points unit has swiftstride
Skavenpelt banner - 65 points all models get frenzy and hatred of skaven.. all skaven hate the unit..
Cube of darkness - 30 points - on a 2+ spell auto dispelled,  on another 2+ for every remains in play spell end on a 2+
Plaque of dominion - 25 points - bound spell L3 all enemy wizards within 18 get stupidity
Piranha blade - 50 points - D3 W's AP
Cloak of feathers - 35 points for a flying skink character on foot..
Horn of Kygor - 35 points - sounds at start of move phase, all friendly monsters, cav, war beasts, get frenzy
Egg of quango - 30 points - one use only in combat, roll a D6: 1 D6 S3, 2-3 D6 S4, or 4+ does 2D6 S5.

Slann is infantry – but cannot be thunderstomped
Soul of stone 25 points - allows the Slann to add or subtract 1 from the miscast result instead of original
Wandering Deliberations 30 points - Slann knows all 8 sig spells from rule book
Slann can only go in second rank in temple guard unit. Always passes LOS.
you can have 4 - various points (from 20 to 60)
Most expensive one makes you unstable and ethereal
loremaster high
One allows you to channel 3 dice
One allows you to store 1 dispel dice for the next phase
Cause terror

Razordon - Grapeshot @ st4. reroll arty dice on stand and shoot
Salamander breath now s4. Can move, but not march, and shoot. No more autopanic

NO lord level Skink Priest

Skink Priests can now channel Direct Damage as well as magic missiles


  1. Great work on collating this Raf!

  2. Seconded! im seeing a lot of gimmicks at the moment and not alot of crunch... time will tell i suppose...