Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Lizardmen Rumours Part 4 - Some details! Updated

Snippets arrive!

Some more from Clockwork:

Magic is lore of High Magic. Lore attribute is called Contemplations. It is hard to read but here is what I got: If a spell of the Lore of High Magic is successfully cast by a Liardmen wizard. He can choose to forget the spell. At the end of the magic phase the wizard generates a new spell for each spell he choose to forget from the Lore of High Magic or another lore he also has available but the new spells will always have this spell lore attribute. It is possible to generate the same spell as one that was forgotten or one he forgot in a previous phase.

- All this is hard to read in the small preview image: Terradon Riders and Ripperdactyl Riders have 6+ scaly skin. The flaming bolas are an upgrade for the Terradon Riders with a 6" Range, Str 4, Flaming, Quick to Fire. Drop rocks looks to be D3 Str 4 as before. Ripperdactyls, but not riders, have Frenzy, Armor Piercing and Killing Blow. Looks like the Bloat Toads are placed into enemy units before the game starts, one for each unit of Ripperdactyl Riders. They give the Ripperdactyls frenzy D3+1 attacks instead of 1 against units that have them.
- Many new models have a Predatory Fighters ability: When they roll a 6 To Hit in combat they get a bonus attack for free. The Troglodon's Primal Roar increases this to a 5+ for a single round of combat - not sure if it is just him or also units around him.
- The Bastilladon's Solar Engine seems like a buff wagon of some kind. In the bat rep write up Adam Troke talks about it increases a unit Saurus (already with Hand of Glory) in a combat with it to Initiative 4 - could be a buff bubble. Hand of Glory gives D3 Init I think, so maybe the Solar Engine gives +1....not sure. It also seems like he shoots it during the magic phase as a bound spell.

From Various:

Skink Priests now use Beasts & Heavens. 
Engine does not need Priest
Ancient down 45 points
Trog is Rare 

From Dustin Bainbridge at Bell of lost souls (Via ClockWork on Warseer)

- Jeremy Vetok is the author of Warhammer: Liardmen!
- The frog in the Terradon/Ripperdactyl feed on Ripperdactyl eggs and their scent drives Ripperdactyls into a frenzy. Based on the description is sounds like skink scouts can plant them in enemy units to give a bonus to the Ripperdactyls, probably frenzy, when they attack the unit.
- No new Kroxigor, that model is the same as we already have.
- Magic is lore of High Magic. Lore attribute is called Contemplations. The print is really too small for me to read as the attribute paragraph is huge.
- Still Kroxigor mixed with skink units. It is used the batrep.
- Basic stegadon and both bastiladons are used as special units in the batrep.
- Troglodon and Salamanders are used as rares in the batrep.
- The Slann in the batrep takes Becalming Cogitations.
- Jungle swarms are used as special in the batrep.
- No mention of sacred spawnings or new special abilities on any old units used in batrep.Cl

From Malin on Twitter:

Ripperdactyls apparently: AP, KB, Frenzy, Fear, Flying Cav, Scaly Skin 6+, against specific unit d3+1 attacks & rerolls to hit.
Details to be confirmed!

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