Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Times A-Changin' - Get ready for the Age of Sigmar!

So, quick one today  after coming across some official information... Many thanks to the secret squirrel!
More a case of what is going than what is coming!

The first big date: June 6th

What's happening:
Stores have been told to remove the following from their shelves:

  • Island of Blood
  • Warhammer Rulebook
  • All WFB Army Books
  • All WFB End Times Books
  • All WFB Campaign Books/Boxes
  • All magic cards
  • Movement trays
  • Templates
  • Deathknell watch

No models or Black Library novels will be affected

Age of Sigmar preorders: 4th July
Age of Sigmar release: 11th July

Dammit, I cant wait!


  1. Told the same...June 6th stock removal of same items

  2. Okay, yeah, getting a little excited.

  3. You'd feel annoyed if you went in and bought a brand new copy of WFB today wouldn't you.