Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lizardmen Rumours Part 7 - From The Book

So, another super-secret source. This one has book in hand and decided to share some goodness.
Have not had chance to format over everything, but below is what the secret agent says:

"Pred Fighter is as people have described but a skink CHARACTER within 6 inches can let you test to restrain
Aquatic as it was
Slann re-roll failed dangrous terrain tests [edit... random!] 4+ ward in built if you have 2 slann at the start of a magic phase they may swap a single spell with each other
Saurus cost same as were with predatory fighter cheaper command and spears for free

cold one riders are now 30 points. +4 pts for spears cheaper command.
Temple guard as were - slanns can leave them and auto pass LOS if there If Slann is in unit unit gains fear stubborn and ITP

Dropped to 14 pts champ can take 25 pt item unit can take 50pt banner

Skink Priests can take heavens and beasts
Can now channel m/missiles and direct damage spells Miscast effects slanns and skink takes a S3 hit

Troglodon ws3 s5 t5 w5 i2 a3 4+ save poisen terror PF
Once per game can roar : all units within 12 gain an extra attack on a 5,6 until end of that phase
Spit venom 18" S5 multi wound D3 quick to fire BS3

Skinks the same but ld 5
Javelins for free on skirmishers
Can attack Kroxigor and stomp skrox now
chamos +1 pt
all skinks gain 6+ scaly skin
krox up to S5
If a swarm is in combat all friendly lizard units gain poison
35 pts per base min unit 2 bases
Terradons as before with 6+ scaly gone up to 35 points
Can take firleech bolas 1 pt per model 6" S4 flaming Q to fire

Ripperdactyl Riders
mount has AP Frenzy Killing blow
WS3 S4 T3 I 3
after scouts have been deployed place a toad marker for each unit of rippers in an enemy unit all rippers against that unit gain d3+1 attacks instead of 1 for frenzy
and re-roll all failed rolls to hit against unit

Stegadon as before upgrades unstoppable stampede gives devastating charge for +10 pts
sharpened horns gives impact hits d3 wounds+ 20pts base cost of steg 215 points
Ancient as before base cost down to 230 points can take same upgrades as baby steg

Can have engine of the gods for +50 points

Engine allows you to pick a lore from the rulebook lors and ruduce cost of them by 1
stackable innate bound spell powel level 3 direct damage every enemy unit within 4d6 " suffers d6 S4 flaming hits. 

Steg and all units within 6 have a 6+ ward

Salamander up to 80 points! Spout flames is as before but is now S4 slow to fire so no more -3 armour and no more auto panic
Razordons down to 65 pts

Bastiladon 150 points WS3 S4 T5 W4 I1 A3 LD6
ASL howdah crew cold blooded large target scaly skin 2+ terror
Counts as having no flank or rear for combat res purposes
Before rolling to hit nominate on attack as thunderous bludgeon this attack is worked out at S10 and receives +1 to hit against models in its rear arc

Arc of Sotek end of each friendly turn nominate a swarm unit within 6" of bastarddon with ark of sotek on a 4+ add one base cant take the unit beyond its starting size has a shooting attack with d6" range doing 2d6 S2 hits
Can upgrade to solar engine for free
All units within 6" gain +1 I contains bound spell
power level 3 range 24 roll a d6 1 = d3 S3 hits 2-3 = D6 S4 hits 4-5 = 2d6 S5 hits 6 = 2 d6 s6 hits and -1 bs -1 ws until lizards next magic phase
all hits are flaming

Carnosaur can be taken by oldblood or scar vet +220 points they are same as before but upgrades are blood roar oppnent takes fear and terror on an additional d6 dicarding lowest result +25 points and swiftstride for +15 points


lizards use high magic with attribute contemplations
if playesr casts a spell from high magic he can forget that spell and generate a new spell from any of the other lores of magic in the rule book
disciplines slann can take up to 4 or 150 points worth in addition to 100 points of magic items
disciplines are once per army
resevoir of energy 20 points at end of opponents magic phase may store an unused D/dice and attempt on a 2+ to get it in slanns next magic phase
soul of stone 25 points when rolling on miscast slann can choose to add or subtract one from the total instead of accepting original result
becalming + 25 points slann re-rolls its first failed dispell attempt each magic phase
harmonic convergance 30 points rolls 2 additional dice when rolling to channel
harrowing scrutiny + 30 points gains terror
trandecendant healing 30 points end of friendly magic phase roll a d6 for each lost wound every 6 rolled gain a wound back
unfathomable prescence 30 pointsroll at start of each enemy magic phase slann dains MR (D3)
wondering deliberations 30 points slann knows every sig spell
focus of mystery 35 points l loremaster high
higher state of conciousness 60 points ethereal + unstable cant join units

magic items
blade of realities magic weapon 100 points no armour or ward saves may be taken
piranah blade multi wounds d3 and armour pircing 50 points
sacred steg helm 40 points +1 armour +1 Toughness impact hits d3

skavenpelt banner (banner) 65 points all maodels in unit gain frenzy and hatred (skaven) special rules and all skaven units gain hatred against the bearer
the jaguar standard (standard) 50 points unit gains swiftstride
cube of darkness (arcane) 30 points one use only on a 2+ use3 as scroll in either case roll a seperate dice for each rip spell in play on a 2+ they end
plaque of dominion (arcane) 25 points bound power level 3 hex all enemy wizards within 18" gain stupidity
cloak of feathers (enchanted) 35 points skink on foot only gains fly and MR1

horn of kygor (enchanted) 35 points one use only sound at start of movement phase all monsters, monstrous mounts mostrous beasts monstrous cav mounts cav mounts chariot beasts, and war beasts within 12 gain frenzy note this does not effect any rider just the mount

the egg of quango (enchanted) 30 points
one use start of any combat phase crack the egg roll a dice
1=enemy suffer d6 S3 hits
2-3 = enemy suffer d6 s4 hits
4-6 = enemy suffer 2d6 S5 hits

Many thanks secret squirrel!

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