Monday, 29 February 2016

9th Age Phoney War


There is something to be said for the human condition and its inability to be every truly happy – heck, entire generations have thrown away inheritances to sit at the feet of mysterious men in the hope of discovering true bliss (which is itself nothingness, which says something in itself, but this is probably not the place for it).
I should be happy right now, but instead I find myself sulking (it being a Monday morning in the office could account for this, but I tend not to mind Mondays too much – it’s those Tuesdays you have to keep an eye on).
As the darkness of 2015 slowly gives way to (the still dark but getting gradually lighter) 2016 three things are certain:
Firstly, supporting Manchester United has never been more infuriating;
Secondly, turns out that sitting in cold water for 6th months is enough to get you an Oscar; and
Thirdly, 9th Age is well and truly upon us.
Putting aside all views on viability and the ETC vote that installed it (though one should never *not* mention the brilliance that is the lawyer’s strike in Greece that is preventing the venue from being confirmed… who negotiates between the sides if lawyers are on strike? Come to think of it... a nation with no working lawyers? Perhaps bliss is attainable after all…), it is here to party, and in the UK 2016 saw its real birth, with two sizable events kicking things off (in Sheffield and Cardiff)

So why the sulking?
Well, simply put, we don’t have the finished product, which just annoys me. I don’t like Beta testing, I don’t like kickstarters, I like finished products I can obsess about and throw too much money at (yes, my parents despair at my capitalist leanings).
Is this good in the long run? Of course, the team are working on sorting out as many balance as issues as remotely possible, great.
I’m just annoyed that, after taking part in my first full on two day event of 9th Age all my built up 9thFever (it’s a thing) has to sit around impotently until they release the new books weeks from now.
I can’t even play around with list building – what new hell is this?!
To fill in this yawning chasm in my life (hyperbole is in this year) I am going to share my reaction posts to the Sneak Peaks the team at 9thAge have been drip feeding us.

Until next time!


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  1. Been a long time reader, never contributed. Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your battle reports and musings regarding lizardmen. Hoping to God 9th pulls itself together soon and we get more raff time! Thanks