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Micro 2 - MKGT List

Somewhere in the indistinguishable distance from the capital that is in real terms a long way away, but close enough that a budget airline would definitely call it “London” a tournament storm cloud gathers.

I know very few things about Milton Keynes. It is a “new town” (boo hiss! The British have a very deep seated distrust of anything that can be labelled “new”), with inordinately famous concrete cows. They also have an indoor ski slope and one of those “skydiving” things where you float over a massive fan. Oh, and their roads are confusing.

That, realistically, was the sum total of my knowledge of this town. And, you know what? I was ok with that, and have never felt the inclination to know more.
Until now.

‘Warhammer Dad’ ™ Borland and friend-of-the-blog, the demurely quiet and unopinionated Panzer seem to have gotten themselves a pretty cool event. I will be upfront in my apologies for not knowing the history of the event (I do think event should have their own website to record things for posterity), but am sure it has been running for a few years now. A combination of it being by all accounts a Good Event and the closure of the Eye of the Storm event venue in the Midlands that used to host up to half of the big events in the UK has seen this one grow. I believe at time of writing there are some 100 entrants (up from 44 last year) – and that’s more than enough to get shamelessly biased-towards-big-events players like yours truly interested.

Now, as has been mentioned, live is being a tad hectic at present, and there is a chance of me not being able to make it after all – I reckon there is a 75% chance of me going. Fingers crossed!
So, assuming I am going, it was time to consider the comp pack, ponder thinking about the Meta and get to list writing.
Maybe even practice some.

MKGT have done what I always recommend (if people ask!) people do re comp packs – find one you would want to play under and go from there (adjusting as one feels necessary).

In this case, Ben has gone with “Tally Comp”, a system devised by that Stormydd Tan rabble and in this case adjusted, poked at and prodded by a whole range of people (listed in the pack).

In short – this is a simplified version of swedish comp. Your army composition ends up providing a + or – score, and this is applied to your final tournament score at the end of the event.
I like comp packs that allow you to take whatever you want if you are prepared for the price to be paid. In fact, this was my major complaint about the SCGT comp pack this year – it flat out banned a lot of competitive builds. Here, the only complaint can be about what should be worth a plus or minus. As ever, I would expect there to be some loophole being explored somewhere as I write this.

Full details of the comp pack can be found:

and the overall rulespack:

There is something that Jake hammered into me early on in our discussions about lists under Swedish comp that I think applies even more under this system, and something I have parroted aplenty as my club mates freak out about lists for this event.
If your armylist scores a -7 it is not worth signigicantly weakening if to make it a -5 if you think the -7 would score at least 300vps more over the course of 5 games. Now, lists are not always as clearly definied in power level, but I do think that, by and large, the key to these types of comp systems is to take something you are comfortable with, and maybe make the odd change that does not cripple you. In swedish the classic example is playing around with unit sizes, here… I am not so sure. I am more interested in seeing the increible +scores that will be around, expect to see some all goblin armies at around the +10 and higher level.

For me… pretty boring people, sorry!
No way were Brets going to be done in time, no way was I going to have time to paint new stuff… Cue: Standard RafLizards!

Nothing outrageous. A closed list, for some reason – don’t think any of the items would surprise anyone…
Comp score comes in at a -2.

Life Magic I have fallen in love with (and no, I rarely cast dwellers). Old Blood on foot I actually quite like, and given the 2 comp point swing over a mounted one it just made sense.
Razordons are understandably laughed at for being terrible… but they are OK really. They can hunt some things, are decent at making dashes at warmachines/wizard bunkers, as well as being general chaff goodness. On reflection, it would have made more sense to take another unit of Chameleons instead of one of them… but it is hard to consider all possible permutations when writing an army list on your phone, on the tube, whilst partying with a bunch of Netherlands fans following their incredible game against Spain last week. I’m just happy I managed to send anything at all through!

So there we have it, my MKGT list. Now to confirm how I am getting there and sort out some accomodation (previous arrangement fell through).
I like to be organised :)

Until next time!


World Cup postcript

The general ignorance (not, in this instance, the fun round of the peerless quiz show QI, but rather the state of being) of people who profess knowledge on the subject of football is incredible. I appreciate there are a lot of countries and players playing that people don’t know that well, but one does hear incredible rubbish out there :)

Do I think I am some sort of expert? Well, obviously (seriously – check out my Football Manager record). OK, maybe not, but this is the internet, and where better to spout formless opinion?

My thoughts on the past week:

  • Rooney was not that bad for England in the Italy game. An assist is as important as a goal, his was brilliant. That’s his job.
  • Italy were brilliant against England. I could watch them pass the ball all day.
  • I wish I was Pirlo.
  • Uruguay have been terrible for almost two years, be shocked if England don’t qualify.
  • Brazil were helped a bit by the ref against Croatia, but not as much as was made out.
  • Mexico love to foul, and are good at it.
  • Sometimes a goalkeeper is going to ruin your day.
  • Argentina were terribly underwhelming (as were Belgium).
  • Van Persie’s headed goal against Spain may be the best I have ever seen.
  • Other than Uruguay, there have been no upsets yet (Netherlands/Spain scoreline notwithstanding)
  • Seeing Robbie Savage pundit alongside Seedorf and Henry is surreal.
  • Henry is awesome.
  • Brazil know how to sing a national anthem.
  • No, there is no one in the world that is more hated than Diego Costa. 

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