Friday, 4 October 2013

Oxyotl Report: Initial playtest Dark Elf list


So, the goth (or emo, I get confused) elves are about to burst on to the scene – and this bandwagon has the potential to be big (not Warrior big, but nothing really is).

It’s an impressive release with lots of cool new units, things and ideas to try out (unlike the poor Lizardmen :( ). And yes, they will make High Elves cry – which is fun for everyone involved (I believe High Elves themselves like it too, bless them).

Will this release alter the meta? That is the big question.
I’m not overly sure that they will on a pure power basis they would warrant a shift in the meta (though I could be wrong- though they have some fantastic toys), but the mass popularity of them as a race, their cool rules and new models will see a sharp rise in them, and therefore hopefully a bit of a fall in the numbers of the scions of Chaos.

So, below is the list initial list I shall be trying out to get a flavour for the “fun” elves. This book, on first glance appears to have a blinding array of stuff that is viable (unlike the Lizardmen… there is a theme here…), and unlike High Elves the two obvious directions for lists are not immediately apparent.

You’ll note the lack of Cauldron. I’m not actually sure it’s all that (unless running big units of Witch Elves of course… but as someone who would probably like to face a big Witch Elf unit I worry about jumping on that particular bandwagon – though the Hags can bring some cool stuff to the units).
Furthermore, decided to skip the Special Characters initially. Am currently struggling with non-special character Lizardmen and think it makes a lot of sense to focus on the core army initially before busting out the Oedipus complexed wannabe king and all round terrible invasionist Malekith.

Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. got book yet but I too am dubious about the Cauldron, big horde of Witches will be expensive & easy to chaff up/redirect or template off the table.
    Had good sucess in the old book with 2 units of witches (12 & 18) one with the flamer banner was my go to unit for wrecking trolls and other regen targets.