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Druchi Incoming! Rumour Compilation

So, it appears the GW release train remains in motion - people have barely started to get their heads round Lizardmen and now it appears Dark Elves may be in October!

Many thanks primarily to the resourceful people on 40k Radio and Warseer who seem to have gotten their hands on some pictures super early – no rules yet, just descriptions of that they have seen.
As ever these are rumours, so epic pinches of salt and all that.

The Dark Elves will be out in October with a slew of new models:

1) NEW Plastic Dark Elf Warrior Box(Makes Spearmen, swordsmen, & crossbowmen)
2) NEW PLastic Dark Riders/Warlocks
3) NEW Plastic Blackguard/Executioners
4) NEW Plastic Coldone Chariot/Scroungerunner(Pulled by horses)
5) NEW Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne(This model is AMAZING)
6) NEW Plastic Hydra/Kraken
7) NEW Plastic Witch Elf box

On Style:

The Warriors, Black Guard, and Dark Riders all have cloaks. None of them appear to have face coverings. The plate armor has very spiked and jagged edges. The style will still fit well with the Shades and Reaper but next to these new models they will look very dated.

On Warlocks:

The Warlocks are bare chested, and the weapons look mundane...aka not glowing. They look like large jagged daggers. They are held in reverse grips which looks pretty slick. The warlock champions eyes are glowing which IMO hints at some magical abilities. The cloaks hang down from underneath the shoulder armor and cover the back of the chain mail. It definitely is new for them but it looks really cool. Does not appear to be a command group, only champion.

On Dark Riders:

The Dark Riders are very cool looking. Sleek looking horses with only a bit of armour. All of the Riders are hunched over in the saddle to give the illusion of speeding fast cav. The helmets appear to be open faced and they are armed with spears in the picture I have, once again that doesn't mean they won’t get crossbows (in the pictures we have they are in the back ground behind the Warlocks).

On Warriors:

As far as the warriors go I think a big difference will be the size of them. Look at the size difference between Isle of Blood Lothern Sea Guard and the normal High Elves spearman. The Druchii warriors also have shoulder armor. It makes them look simply awesome. The skull embossed on their shields looks great too.

On Black Guard:

Black Guard look very stalwart with large halberds and high helms with 3 spikes on each side with a flowing plume on top. Their armour is black trimmed in gold and they have dark purple cloaks. The unit champion is holding a sword by the hilt with the blade planted in the ground. Musician is a drummer.

On Executioners:

The executioners have what look like skull helms, and their armour is a brighter silver than the Black Guard. Their tunics are red in colour and the Draiches are all held on the left hand side of their bodies (their left our right). They look very cool ranked up.

On Hydra:

It looks bigger and beefier. Like we said Dark Elves are setting the bar for the best range of models in WHFB. Hydra does have 2 handlers

On The Kraken:

The Kraken doesn't have tentacles, it has four legs with webbed appendages ending in claws and it also has a tail.
The Kraken has 5 heads/fanged maws. The have spines and scales with smooth neck and belly flesh. Scales are painted a Dark Grey with the softer flesh painted blue.
Kraken has multiple heads. From the pic it looks like there is one main head with eyes and the other four necks end with fanged maws. Very cool looking. It may sound stupid to people as it is walking but wait until the picture comes out before passing judgement

On The Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne:

The Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne look very cool. If you are a fan of the newer larger models GW has been putting out for WHFB you will really dig it. It is a bit toned down compared to the Empire Celestial Hurricanum/Luminark of Hysh and has blades and hooks on it to make it very sinister and Dark Elf. The Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne are on a bigger base than the chariot base.
[On the Blood Throne] It is definitely awesome. It looks somewhat like the Medusa from Clash of the Titans (the newer version of the movie)- snake from the waste down, hair of snakes, not too monstrous of a face; the pose is upright (body up high, supported by the tail). I don't know if players will be able to field this model on a base as its own unit or not (i.e. has its own independent unit entry in the army list), as has been the case with some other combo-kit models like this (the High Elf Lothern Skycutter Lord with trident on foot for instance). As to the crew of the Cauldron of Blood, they are in the style of the plastic Dark Elf Sorceress but are more dynamic with regard to the poses.

On Witch Elves:

The Witch Elves look great. No mowhawks or anything like that. Long flowing hair, thigh high black boots and red loincloths and for lack of a better terms bras. They appear to have open mouths
The pictures we have of the Witch Elves has them with two hand weapons.

On Chariot:

The new chariot crew is armed with spears and what looks to be a large crossbow or bolt thrower on the chariot.

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